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Easy on the budget.

Depending on the material, number of planks needed and the installation, this option works out far easier on the budget than traditional wood. Upkeep is far easier too, with easy cleaning and less chance of scratches and surface damage. As it is designed to be durable and long-lasting, replacement is not a huge factor either.

Easy on the eye.

Visually, this type of floor is as close to wood as it gets without being pure wood. This is due to an imprinted layer that has a photo realistic imprint of real wood grain. By choosing a mixture of plank designs, you will end up with a wood look that is so realistic, it shows right down to the grain and grooves.

Easy on the installation.

Another big advantage to modern laminate flooring is that installation can be done quickly and easily. The glue-free installation uses special click technology that fits each plank together like a puzzle. The finish is smooth, without unsightly cracks or gaps in between planks, and everything remains bonded without the need for glue.

Easy on the wear and tear.

As we mentioned above the upkeep on laminate flooring is minimal, this is due to highly durable planks that comprise a number of layers. Each layer is designed to strengthen and protect, with a final UV resistant layer helping to protect against sunlight and water (if choosing planks that are water-proof). This means less stress over pets, kids and other traffic on your laminate floors.

Easy on the environment.

Last but not least, laminate flooring helps the planet. Materials used to create the product come from sustainable trees such as pines, or wood waste that would usually go to the dump. No exotic trees are used, which is so often the case with genuine hardwood floors.

Easy on the hayfever.

As laminate flooring does not gather dust, or have gaps that allow dust and particles to build up, these floors are also ideal for allergy sufferers. Moisture is also kept at bay, ensuring a hygienic option that further relieves the risk of allergens accumulating.

Great for Durability

Durability – not only are these floors resistant to water; they are also resistant to stains, mildew and spills, with easy cleaning done with one quick swipe of the surface. Comfortable – this material maintains a constant temperature throughout every season, making it comfortable in cold and warm weather. The cushioned bottom layer of each plank meanwhile adds even more comfort underfoot.

Great looking new tech.

in the past, uneven sub-floors could lead to uneven floors when vinyl flooring was fitted. The new generation of planks are thicker and less prone to bending, making floors as smooth and flawless as possible.


A range of wood style finishes are available, with authentic looking planks that come in various lengths and widths. Choose the style that suits your décor to customise your floors to your taste. Flexible – Vinyl flooring can be used in kitchens and bathrooms, outdoor patios as well as any other residential or commercial premises – even car show rooms.